Tuesday, June 19, 2012

country chick chick

A few weeks ago I came across {this} knot dress by KPea Original.  Sadly, it didn't come big enough for Lil Miss.  Then last week, I was looking around online and I found the fabrics!!!  Whoo hoo!!

I didn't make an exact copycat of the KPea dress, but used similar fabrics from the Chick Chick Organic line and {this} knotty frock pattern.  I used {Chick Toss Summer} for the skirt,  {Small Floral Pink} for the straps, and {Floral Summer} for the bodice and trim.  I found them all on Fabric.com where you get free shipping on orders over $35 and I can always find a coupon code to save even more! 
Of course bitty baby has a {matching dress} and I also made one of these for my friend's little girl whose 2nd birthday party is farm themed!  This may be my new favorite!!
The kiddos and I will be on vacation for the next week!  I'll share a project I've been working on when I get back!!  

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