Saturday, June 16, 2012

quilts for kids

I have never quilted before.  I've made {blankets} but no quilts.  My mother-in-law is an amazing quilter.  So when I read about Downy's Quilts for Kids project, I thought I'd give it a try!
I first read about the project on {Make It & Love It} and Ashley made it look easy enough, so I registered online for my own quilt kit!!
Earlier this week, I got a nice package in the mail!!
 Each kit comes with...
-15 squares of the focus fabric - John Deere
-3 strips of fabric - yellow
-3 strips of fabric - green
-4 strips of inner border fabric - black/navy
-4 strips of outer border fabric - John Deere
-backing fabric - John Deere
-1 label
-directions for assembling the four patch quilt 
 First of all, I was SUPER excited to see John Deere when I opened my kit!  My kids {especially lil man} LOVE John Deere!!  As I started through assembling the quilt, I was happy with how clear the instructions were.  There were illustrations that helped - I'm very visual!! 
I was surprised with how much ironing was involved, but as {Ashley} said, it did help make the sewing smooth when all seam allowances were pressed down first. 
I'm half way done - I have the entire quilt top done. 
The batting, assembling the backing instructions were like a foreign language to me, so I'm consulting the MIL tomorrow!!  I also have never "quilted" anything but the instructions seemed simple for that part, so we'll see! 

**A few things to note - you can't substitute fabric, so don't mess up! 
Quilts for Kids would like you to make at least one more four-patch quilt to send back with the kit quilt to help build up their inventory - which in turn goes to sick kids.  The quilts need to be sent back (with the original PO) within 4-6 weeks.** 
I can't wait to finish this up and make one more to send in!  They don't have many restrictions on the fabric you use for your second quilt - as long as it's cheerful & fun!
I think this would be fun to do with a group of girls - a quilt making girls night out - if you will!
Finished photos to come soon {I hope}!

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