Friday, May 4, 2012

baby love knotty frock

Here's a tutorial for making a Knotty Frock to fit a Bitty Baby or similar sized doll.
{click on the photo, save and print as a photo - chose 'full page photo' and measure your printout}

Step #1 - using the guide above, cut out all 10 pieces.

Step #2 - Trim
Take one trim piece and fold in in half length-wise, wrong sides facing, and press.

Match up the 18" raw edge of the trim piece to the 18" edge of a skirt piece and
sew along the 18" edge.

Ziz zag or serge the raw edge.

Open, press and topstitch.

Repeat with the other trim & skirt pieces, set aside.

Step #3 - Straps & Bodice
Fold a strap piece in half length-wise, right sides facing, and sew along the long open edge and one short open edge.

Turn right-side out and press.  Repeat with other strap piece.

Lay one bodice piece right side up and place straps on top, 3/4" from the side and sticking up 1/2" from the top of the bodice.  Place another bodice piece on top, right-side facing, sandwiching the straps and pin.

Sew around the top of the bodice, leaving the short ends and bottom open.

Open and press.  Topstitch the top of bodice.  This is your Back Bodice piece.

Repeat with the remaining two bodice pieces, except without straps this time.  This is your Front Bodice piece.
Add button holes to the Front Bodice piece.  {You'll have to follow your machine's directions for adding the button holes.}
 Using a seam ripper, open the button holes.

Step #4 Gathering
Set your machine to the longest stitch option.

Stitch along the raw 18" edge of one of your skirt pieces, do not backstitch.  Set aside and do the same to the other skirt piece.  Pull on one thread from your gathering stitch and gather the skirt.  Pin to the bottom of the Back Bodice piece, right sides facing.  Stitch along the raw edge.  Zig zag or serge to finish the raw edge.

Open and topstitch along the seam.

Repeat with the Front Bodice piece and the remaining skirt piece.  You're almost done!!!

Step #5 Putting it together
Place the two halves together, right sides facing.  Match up the seams and pin. 

 Sew together, zig zagging to finish the raw edge.

All that's left is to try it on!  Slip each strap through a button hole and tie a knot to keep it in place.
Love it!!!


  1. Trying to make this, but the pattern seems to be off. The inches don't match the cut- out... Well, the 2" does, but not the others. Even looking at the picture I can tell they are off a bit.... Should I just follow the pattern???? Thanks so much... My daughter is so excited I am making her doll a dress!

  2. Go by the measurements! I'm not sure why they are printing so off!! Thanks!