Saturday, January 21, 2012


How cute are these?! We finished up Lil Man's Valentines tonight...they were sort of a process!!

First, we had a "photo shoot" with him and a magnifying glass! Then I ordered the magnifying glasses to glue on top of the photo. I got ours from Oriental Trading. Then I had to wait for the magnifying glasses to come in so I could crop the photo to the right size. I wanted the mag glass in the photo to be the same size as the one I was gluing to the photo. Once I figured that out, I added some text and ordered prints from Shutterfly. By this time I had some serious ants in my pants!!!

When the prints finally came in, we were ready to go!!
I used two mini glue dots on the handle of the magnifying glass to adhere it to the photo.
We added some festive stickers.....and voila!!

Lil Miss started her Valentines tonight too, but there will be more on that later!!
Here are some of the Valentines the kiddos have made in year's past...
Heart Crayons - "You Color My World, Valentine!"
Photo Pops Valentines
Salt Dough Hearts

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  1. Every year I am so impressed by your Valentines! You have such great, unique ideas!