Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a frock and a new toy

When I started making the Frock for All Season dresses, I learned how to make bias tape. You can buy bias tape also, but it generally only comes in certain colors. By making it yourself, you have the freedom to use whatever fabric you want!

Bias tape is not hard to make at all! For the arm holes of the Frocks, for example, you cut a strip of fabric {on the bias} measuring 2" by 24". Fold the strip in half longways, so it's 1" tall by 24" and press with an iron. Open the strip up and fold each long end in, towards the middle. Then press again - and you have a length of bias tape! (Then you fold it in half around the unfinished edge of the arm holes, pin and sew, if you were wondering!}

After reading {this blog post} I was determined to get a Bias Tape Maker! Like I said, it's not hard to make.....however.......I tend to burn the tips of my fingers with the iron often b/c my nails are short and the fabric is only 2" tall! And, if I'm making more than one Frock, I could be at my ironing board for quite some time! So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and bought myself this little beauty...

I can not say how much faster this is than manually making bias tape! I made bias tape for eight sets of armholes in minutes!! I would highly recommend {this machine} and if you use the 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby, it's really a great deal! The only place cheaper than HobLob+coupon was ebay for a used machine!

I had a custom order for two Team Spirit Frocks in Minnesota Vikings fabric....

Super cute!!

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