Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo Pops Valentines

I am so excited to share N's Valentines for this year!! I originally saw the idea at U-Create last year, and we made them last year. They turned out okay, but she was almost too young to pose correctly. So I decided to give it another shot this year and I LOVE how they turned out!!!!

First you take a picture of your child {or whoever is handing out the Valentines} and add text, graphics, etc. I have used Picnik.com and love it! Then order your prints or print them off at home. I used Shutterfly and had them within a week.

Once you get your prints, you need to slice the picture with a sharp pair of scissors or any type of handheld blade. You're going to slice on top of and underneath the hand that is going to hold the suckers.

Now add the sucker! Tape in the back might help secure the sucker, especially if the Valentines are going to be transported in a backpack to school!
As I type, we are expected to get 1-2 FEET of snow over the next two days....so I will be slicing and stuffing away over here!!

So excited to hand these out!! I also made a similar set {with my picture} to give to my students!

B, on the other hand, picked out Toy Story Valentines. Not that I have anything against boxed Valentines, I just would rather make them!!

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