Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Yard Wonders: Kids Messenger Bag

Lil miss took a super long nap today and I started to get bored! I've been trying to use more of the leftover and unused fabrics in my stash, mainly because my stash is getting very large! I ordered a messenger bag pattern from {ithinksew} last week and I'm waiting for the fabrics I ordered to come in so I can sew me up a new bag! In the spirit of impatiently waiting, I decided to try out another {One Yard Wonders} patter: the Kids Messenger Bag!

I made it with lil man & his new DSi/games/etc. in mind. It's made out of brown home dec fabric that I somehow had a TON of! I think my Aunt D gave it to me, but I don't remember why she had so much in the first place! Anyway, I had more than enough for this project! I was a little nervous at first because the pattern/directions were on 2 1/2 pages....with one diagram for cutting the pieces out, one diagram of a finished bag and one diagram showing how to pin "step 5". I am very, very visual and I need to see how it should look rather than just read how it should look. However, once I got started, I was fine!

The bag is 10" wide by 12" tall, with a 29" strap. There is about a 2" base so you can actually fit quite a bit in there! There is also a lined pocket that measures 8.5" wide by 4.5" tall.

Needless to say, I am even more excited about my messenger bag!!!

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