Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zipper Pouch

I was on a Thirty-One bags kick last year. I would buy a bag, the coordinating wallet, mini zipper pouch and big zipper pouch. I had a pouch for the kids' stuff...wipes, pull-ups, snacks, etc. I had a pouch for my miscellaneous stuff and everything was organized!
This year, I'm on a Vera Bradley kick! I was able to snag a Very Berry Paisley Zippidy Tote for super cheap at the outlet after Christmas! I LOVE my bag, but I miss my zipper pouches like crazy! I looked at the Thirty-One site, but my bag is very patterned and I wanted a more solid fabric and preferably PINK! I didn't have much luck going that route.
So, I went to JoAnn's and found hot pink denim that is the exact same type of material my Thirty-One pouches are made from. I grabbed a pink zipper and pink thread and came up with this...

I used the same tutorial as the Strappy Clutch, but increased the measurements and got rid of the interfacing and lining (too thick!). It holds all of our junk and fits very nicely into my new bag perfectly!
Price breakdown:
1/4 of a yard of pink denim = $2.50
1 pink zipper = $1.99
pink thread = $3.99
and then I got an extra 20% off (I have yet to pay full price for anything at JoAnn's!!)
so my total for this zipper pouch (before tax) is = $6.78!
That's about 1/2 the price of the already inexpensive $12 Thirty-One zipper pouch.
Hooray for DIY solutions!!

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