Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day #2

We are snowed in at my parents' house! Yesterday, I was frantically packing us all up and I happened to grab the Stitch & Sew kits I had purchased in Dora & Woody!
I didn't bring my sewing machine along, because I knew my mom had one....

It's a Brother Charger 661 that my mom bought when she was in Jr. High or early High School! It is way different from mine, but it got the job done!
The kits are super easy, cut out the shape on the dotted line, stitch right sides together leaving an opening, and then stuff! Each kit had four pillows of varying sizes. We only had enough stuffing on hand for one pillow from each!
The kiddos loved them and are currently napping with Woody & Dora!!

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