Monday, May 3, 2010

What You Can Do With Washers!

I saw an idea for necklaces made out of two washers on UCreate over the summer. I immediately bought a stamping kit from here and then visited my local hardware store and purchased a handful of washers! This actually took me awhile to really get good at. The stamping was really hard! I started on the kitchen counter...not so great. I finally perfected the stamping in the garage on the floor. It worked so much better! And the step where you write over the stamped letter with Sharpie is a must...totally enhances the look of the letter! I ended up making Mother's Day key chains for nearly everyone I know! I put mine on a chain and it was pretty cute. If you have more than two kids or name that you want wear, I found it to be pretty much impossible! Here are some of the key chains I made...
And after the initial expense of the stamps {around $17}, the key chains are pretty inexpensive. There's the actually keyring, ribbon, the little bead thing and the washers. Not too shabby! I'm thinking about using these as Christmas gift tags too...since I have a stock pile of washers now!

The whole tutorial can be found here.

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