Friday, January 1, 2010

Meet Mama

I am "Mama" in Mama Made It!

I am a wife, a mom of two {whom I refer to as Lil Man, born in April 2006, and Lil Miss, born in February 2008} and a 6th grade teacher!

I have always loved being crafty...I always found a way to incorporate glitter glue into any school project! I recently upgraded from hot gluing EVERYTHING to using a sewing machine.

I love brining my ideas to life! My favorites right now are my "Frock for All Seasons" dress for Lil Miss and of course, a matching one for her baby!!

I am addicted to Cherry Coke or Cherry Pepsi...I'm not picky. Just one seems to make everything better!

This blog is about my adventures in crafts, gifts, sewing project, clothing, whatever!

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