Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Apron Dress

This dress was made from McCall's pattern #M5918...the first commercial pattern I've ever purchased!! I added some things, because that seems to be what I do! I added a panel of fabric at the bottom, an apron at the waist (I measured one of the apron's on N's Matilda Jane dresses) and (drum roll please!) my new tag!! I had tags made that say, "My Mama Made It" and I LOVE them!! Unfortunately, this will not be N's holiday dress...I had made one with the intent that she'd wear it. Then I washed it and it was snug with a long sleeved tee underneath. So I had a co-worker try it on her daughter and with some adjustments (the bottom panel for length and longer straps) it will be Bella's holiday dress! I went back to Hobby Lobby to get more of the same fabric for N and they were out! I nearly cried! After pacing the fabric racks for awhile, I've come up with a new combo, but you'll have to wait for that post!!
Back to the commercial pattern thing...I cut all the pieces according to the pattern but I chucked the pattern/directions when it came time to assemble. In the end I think I did everything the way they did, just my way! ;) These are my favorite type of dresses on N because of her body shape, so be prepared to see many more of these!
What clothing items are you making for the holidays??

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