Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments
My kiddos made these tonight and they are super cute and super easy!!
For one ornament, you'll need three craft sticks. I used the jumbo ones that are already colored. One doesn't get cut at all, one gets cut by 2" and then you'll have a remaining 4" piece. The last stick gets cut to 6".
I glued the tree together before I let the kiddos have at it..2" piece on top, 4" piece next and 6" piece last. I put glue (elmer's glue all) in a container and gave them q-tips to use to put glue on the buttons to then glue to the tree.
N is only 2.5 years old and did so great! B took his time a little more but they both came out super!!
I added some ribbon to the back to make a hanger with hot glue and off to the tree we went to hang them up!!
*Older kiddos could use plain colored sticks and paint them themselves.

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