Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sweater refashion!

I was picking out my clothes for work and I was looking for a cardigan to wear with my plain black dress.  I had tons of solid options but I really wanted something with a pattern or a design! 
I found a sweater I bought at Target this winter...I love the dots but don't love the shape of it on me.  I googled "sweater to cardigan tutorial" and found {this} tutorial from Delia Creates.
Generally, when I am hasty in a project, I end up trashing I was nervous that I would not only not have a cardigan to wear today, but also not have a sweater {even though I didn't love it!}.  There are no "before" pictures - I was just praying that it would turn out!!
I followed the tutorial {more or less} and I LOVE my cardigan!!!!

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