Thursday, September 13, 2012

more washi love

This week I introduced my students to washi tape!  The first day we made these awesome washi pens from!  The kids LOVED them and were anxious to washi more!
click {here} for the tutorial from
Next we made paperclip/washi bookmarks.  So simple, so darn cute!!
Today the kids had to bring something in to washi and we went through A LOT of washi tape this morning! 
Next week I'm showing the kids the magic of Mod Podge!  We're going to make Jack-O-Lantern Jars
I was reading a blog that I follow and she shared a placemat craft that she did with her kiddos...super cute!!  She used white vinyl, sharpies and colored ducktape to make kid art placemats for a gift!  Love it!!  Click {here} to see what she did!
It's almost Friday!!! :)

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