Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jack O' Lantern Jar Family

I stumbled upon a tutorial for {Jack O' Lantern Jars} and I fell in love!!!
I decided that the kiddos and I were going to make these after school today. We have tons of jars laying around, so all we had to get was orange tissue paper!

They were super easy to make and the kiddos even enjoyed it!

Using mod podge, adhere 1" x the length of your jar strips of tissue paper.

Cut out a jack o' lantern face from black paper. {Not So Idle Hands} has face print outs, that is what we used! Mod podge the face onto the jar.

Paint the very top of the jar green and mod podge over the paint, once the paint is dry.

I put the fake tea lights in ours...

left to right, Lil Miss, Dad, Mom, Lil Man

So cute!!!!

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