Sunday, April 1, 2012

hello again!

I've been absent because I was on Spring Break with my family!  We had a wonderful week away!
We got home late last night and I had my sewing machine running this morning!  I've been doing more alterations rather than full on sewing.  I've found that if I alter a shirt just a little, I wear it a lot more! 
I bought a ton of these shirts a few years ago.  They fit well for awhile, but then they stretched out or something and started fitting poorly.  I took off the bottom band {with a seam ripper} and made the band a few inches smaller.  I cut it the same size I made the bands for the dolman tops, 16" wide.  I resewed the band on the bottom of the shirt and voila!  a much better fit! 
I got this shirt in the mail while we were gone.  Super soft material, super comfy....but the length was awkward on my short torso.  So, I opened the bottom hem and snuck a length of elastic in the hem.  I sewed the elastic together {to make a loop} once it was in the shirt and then sewed up the opening I made.  Now, I rest the elastic on my hips and the rest it!!
Something I've had to do to quite a few dresses I have, is shorted the straps.  In the family picture above, I had to cut two inches from each strap and sew the straps back up.  Super easy and makes the dress fit so much better!  I bought a dress on vacation that needed the same alteration. 
I think it's safe to say that I'm no longer afraid to alter store bought clothes! 
Here's another mama that has been altering her maternity clothes.  Check out her swim suit re-do and maternity shirt re-do!  It's amazing what a little alteration here or there can do!!

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  1. I just took that same shirt from Maurices to the consignment store last week because the bottom had gotten stretched out and it was just too long and awkward on me. DUH - should have thought of that. Love it!