Sunday, March 11, 2012

diy dolman

I haven't had the best luck at making myself clothes. I have 4-5 skirts that I made last year, but every other attempt has failed. Earlier this week, I received yardage of jersey knit I had ordered from The Fabric Fairy {btw, Meg at TFF was amazing and helped me get just what I was looking for!!}. I had ordered light blue & red striped jersey and yellow & white striped jersey after I saw {this} tutorial at Make It & Love It. Looks super easy, right?! Well, I started off using the light blue & red striped jersey and attempted a dolman top twice and failed both times....badly. The part that was tripping me up was tracing around a shirt of mine - I couldn't get the shape right or the neckline. I realized I am more of a measurements girl rather than an "eyeball it" kind of girl!

I didn't want to waste all the jersey I had ordered, so I stopped and found {this} pattern from Meanwhile, I had emailed another sewing mama to see if she had trouble with the tutorial. She passed on {this} link to another dolman top tutorial!

I had a few hours, so I decided to try it again! I used the Merricks Art tutorial for most of the shirt, minus the sleeve cuffs and I added the band at the bottom from the Make It & Love it tutorial. The neckline is wider than I anticipated, but I actually love this shirt!!! Along with the pattern I bought from, I also ordered four more yards of different jersey knit...I can't wait to make some more!!!

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  1. I love how it turned out! I need to finish the neckline on mine now :)