Saturday, November 5, 2011

{craft show}

My sister & I shared a booth at a craft show in Gibson City today! All the vendors were selling hand made items {so no scentsy, pampered chef, etc}. The show started at 8am - we had an early morning! I did have a nice view of the sun rising though!

I brought along many "Frocks for All Seasons", gift card holders, aprons, clutches and button rings!
Hannah sells lamp work beads - she had many bracelets and necklaces for sale! Our most commented on item was Hannah's assortment of "Misfit Beads"! These were beads that hadn't turned out like she had wanted....and she sold quite a few of them!

We had a great day! If you missed us, we'll be in Heyworth December 1st....more details to follow later on!

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