Friday, October 14, 2011

{pumpkin carving}

I love a theme. Once a theme has been decided on, I stick to the glue!

So once the kiddos and I decided on a Halloween theme {they are Thing 1 & Thing 2 and I'm Cat in the Hat}, I began searching the internet for carving stencils to go with our theme. I came across an entire site devoted to cats and how to carve them into pumpkins, but no Cat in the Hat. So I made my own!

Here's how it looked on paper:{click to save or print to carve your own!}

The kiddos helped me gut our tested pumpkin and I gave it a shot. I had to reduce the original size by 10% to fit our pumpkin...some of the smaller pieces were a little rough!!

But....I think it turned out okay!!

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