Friday, September 16, 2011


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, simply because I love making costumes for my kiddos!!

Lil Man's first two Halloween costumes were store bought, but I've made both of their costumes for the last three years.

Here's a look at past Halloweens....

2008 - Scarecrows!!

I hot glued everything!

2009 - Pebbles & BamBam!

I bought my Betty costume, but glued black felt triangles to orange sweats that I cut.
This is probably one of my favorite themes!!

2010 - Woody & Jessie!!

My first Halloween with a sewing machine!

These costumes were significantly more involved, but so fun to make!!
At this moment, all of these sets of costumes are loaned out to friends or family for this Halloween!

The kiddos & I have been talking about what they wanted to be{and since I can still influence their decision a little} we have come up with a theme! I did my research and found that it actually costs more for me to try and pull everything together rather than purchase them! So I ordered them Wednesday and they were on our doorstep the afternoon!!

Here's a sneak peek.....any guesses on what the kiddos are going to be this year???!

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