Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pleated Lamp Shade Make-Over

Lil man has a lamp in his room that I got when I was putting together the it's a light blue color. Now that he has his own room, he wants tractors! Instead of getting a new lamp shade, I just covered the one he has!

I had a bed sheet that we don't use that I got the fabric from. To cut the fabric, I measured the bottom width of the shade (add 1/2 inch) as well as the length from top to bottom (and added an inch). Then I ironed it b/c it was a wrinkly mess!
I started with the bottom first and hot glued the fabric to the frame, folding over the bottom a half an inch. I also folded the unfinished edge over by a 1/2 inch and glued to finish the edge.

Next, I flipped the shade over and glued the two seams to the shade.

I folded my pleats (2" pleats) and secured with a clothespin before I glued.

Once I had it how I wanted, I took the clothespins off and glued, one by one.

Now I need to do something with the base!! Maybe a new one completely or I'm wondering if a glaze would stick to the finish of this one?! Almost there!!

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