Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adjustable Waistband

Lil man is a beanpole....he's so stinkin' skinny! He has to wear adjustable pants if he has any chance of keeping his pants up! This past Christmas he got a Navy outfit {for lack of the correct term!} from his Uncle J. who is in the Navy. Lil man was so excited...until he put it on and the pants fell right down!

He had been putting his belt on when he wanted to wear the pants, but today he asked me if I could make them adjustable like his other pants. Sure, why not?!

I was even more excited when I found these super appropriate nautical buttons in my stash!!

First I cut the inside of the waistband, vertically, about one inch, in two places on the waistband. Most store bought pants have the adjustable on the sides, however, I made mine go across the back....

After I cut the pants, I threaded a piece of elastic through the slits I cut.

I hand sewed a button next to each slit. Then I cut small vertical cuts in the elastic.

I grabbed Lil man and tried them on...success!!!!

The edges of the cuts in the waistband are not finished, so they will probably fray a little with wear, but for a pair of "dress up" pants, this worked fine!!

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