Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Gift To Me!!

Tuesday, I received a lovely little package from {sewmamasew}!! It is the fabric I ordered for my bag!!

All three of these were folded up nicely and tied with a cute fabric bow! Here are the fabrics I chose - Four Petals Jelly, Trees Tonal Raspberry & French Lace Sprout! LOVE!!
The pattern I used is from {ithinksew}. I chose the #91 Cross Over bag. It was really easy to follow and had a lot of pictures!! I didn't have a lot of consecutive time to work on it, but it took an hour or two, three nights in a row.

Here's the finished bag....

I added a few things that weren't in the pattern.

#1 - two outside pockets with elastic on the tops. My Vera bags all have outside pockets and I use them A LOT!

#2 - two inside pockets without zippers...the pattern called for one with a zipper and since I never zip my interior pockets, I scratched the zippers and added another pocket!

#3 - FABRIC ROSETTES! Love them, enough said!!

#4 - a piece of cardboard to the bottom, in between the exterior and lining for support. {I will have to seam rip the lining to remove this should I want to wash my bag.}

So I am in love with my new bag and I've decided it is my Mother's Day gift to myself!

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