Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabric Headboard

My kiddos moved into new rooms a few weeks ago and I've been contemplating what to do in lil miss's room....I kept going back to her 3 years pics from Laura Kruger Photography...I love the black & white damask!! I decided to use the damask and pull in hot pink accents for a room that won't be super baby-ish but not too grown up for my lil miss!

I talked to Laura and I was able to find the same curtains that she used in the photos! They were at Hobby Lobby, already made! I thought for sure that I'd have to make them!! They are huge - 55" x 94" and I had a 40% off coupon!! I bought three of them....two for curtains and one for yardage.... I decided to make a fabric headboard with the extra curtain panel. I got some plywood, batting, scissors and a staple gun before I got to work! I pulled the batting up around the plywood and stapled all around.
I did the same thing with the fabric, sort of treating the edges like I was wrapping a present!
Here's the finished headboard...obviously not near the bed yet. I still need LOTS of things to bring this room together, so the "finished" photos will be much later!!!

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