Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sewing Area Organization

I'm going to be "MIA" for the next few weeks....we're getting new carpet in the whole house, so we're packing up everything, including my sewing machine! And then we're Spring Breaking out of town, so I won't be posting for awhile!
I was packing up my sewing "area" (soon to be room, but that's another whole post!) and I thought I'd share how I *try* to keep my small little corner organized.
Mason jars hold lots of my little stuff....buttons, ribbon (I saw this on another blog, can't remember where) and then misc. things like my scissors, fabric pencil, rotary cutter, etc.
I bought this thread organizer at Jo Ann's awhile ago....I wish it was on the wall though. It's on my sewing table and moves as I sew, which is super annoying!

I don't have a good photo of it, but I covered an old bulletin board with brown cloth and have my most used patterns stuck to it, along with notes about other frequently made items! It is a good space saver!

Organizing fabrics, on the other hand, is so hard! I tried folding/rolling them onto lengths of cardboard and filing them in a bin, but that only works if you put them back that way when you're done! ;) So my goal is when I get a room for my sewing stuff, I want to be more organized with my fabrics!!

How do you organize your crafting space?

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