Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ruffle Pants

I found this blog Sew Sensible and I fell in love with the Boutique Bottoms! I purchased the pattern PDF and it was emailed to me within a few hours! This was the first time I had attempted bottoms of any kind...and it was surprisingly simple! The pattern had to be printed off my computer (from the email file she sent me). I would recommend having an adequate amount of ink because I didn't and the photos were not easy to see - and I'm a very visual person! Anyway, I had to tape the pages together to get a pattern - again, very easy to do with the way she labeled and organized the PDF. I started them in the late afternoon and by dinner, N had a brand new pair of ruffle pants!! I made these capri length, specifically to go with a tank she had (pictured above). I love the Matilda Jane ruffles, but I'm not going to spend $37 on pants she'll grow out of in a month!! These were so inexpensive to make...about $13 total, for the pattern, fabric & matching thread. Obviously the MJ pants are probably better quality, but mine got the job done! I've made about three other pairs in different solids and fabrics. I like the jersey knit the best because they are super comfy and you don't have to zig-zag the edge of the ruffle {can seriously take forever} because the knit doesn't fray!! I also like that you can determine the length of the ruffle. I think I mad these a little smaller than what the pattern originally called for, but you can make them as long or as short as you want! It is worth checking out Sew Sensible - she has lots of good stuff!!

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