Tuesday, July 2, 2013

vintage refashion!

My sister and I recently went antique-ing and I found a bunch of pillowcases and sheets that I was dying to turn into frocks!!! 
The process is pretty much the same - except for a lot of the work is done for you! 
I measured the length and decided how much to cut off the top {if any} and then cut the armholes just as I normally would.  Typically, the armholes are trimmed in bias tape made from the same fabric as the dress, however, I didn't always have enough left over pillowcase to make the bias tape.  When that happened, I just bought bias tape that matched.  See how the armholes are trimmed in solid pink below?  That's store bought bias tape.   
I made the ribbon casing the same and added the ribbon tie!  DONE! 
I added some fun trim to some of the pillowcases - ric rac or lace.  The pillowcase below already had a dainty lace trim!
On one frock, I made the tie out of the same fabric because there wasn't really a good color to match - but I also had the matching sheet so I had yardage to work with.
I love these!!!!  Lil Miss does too!  

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