Thursday, November 8, 2012

scrap doll

I saw {this tutorial} yesterday and fell in love!!!
They didn't offer a pattern, so I made my own and Lil Miss and I tried it out tonight! 
Here are the pattern pieces I used. 
To print your own:  click on the pictures, right click and "save picture as".  Go into your files and print the picture as "full page photo".  All pieces should be the right size this way!

I followed {the tutorial} to a "t" and found that it was pretty easy overall.  The sewing/construction of the pieces was really easy.  Lil Miss helped out by pushing the foot pedal while I fed the pieces through the machine.  She also helped stuff the pieces...I would recommend reinforcing the openings if you're going to have a little one help you stuff!! :)
 Adding the face was the most fun because it was like seeing her come to life!  Lil Miss wanted them to share as many of the same characteristics as possible.
We worked on this project for about 2 hours on two evenings, so overall, not too bad.  Hand sewing the details obviously took the most time.  The hair was the hardest part for me just because I've never done anything like that before, but it turned out just perfect!! 
Lil Miss has named her Natty Kat! :)

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