Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This summer I picked up my first roll of Washi tape by Smash.

I held on to it all summer, intending to use it in my classroom {that is black & white with pops of other colors}.  Little did I know that I would fall so deeply in love with Washi tape!!!

I've put it everywhere!  Around the rim of my water cup...
on all of my magnetic clips...
 on my daily schedule display...
and there are more!  I put it on all of my binder clips {so if anyone takes them, I'll know their mine!} and on the handle of my scissors for the same reason!  My coworkers are probably tired of hearing me talk about Washi tape and we've only been back two days!!
I have picked out so many more patterns & colors at Downtown Tape
The possibilities are endless! 

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