Saturday, April 21, 2012

jean re-do

Lil Miss must have hit a growth spurt because NONE of her current jeans will button!  After I bought a few pairs of the next size up, I thought about a re-do that might get her some more wear out of her current jeans. 

I cut the top off of the jeans, from under the zipper in front to the top of the pockets in the back, so they look like this...

I cut a length of jersey knit, 9.5" tall by 10" wide.  I folded it in half and sewed the 9.5" side to make a tube.

I folded the tube in half, wrong sides together, and pinned the raw edge around the top of the jeans.  I stitched it on the jeans and voila! 
I know that they look maternity-ish...however, they fit her well!  Hopefully she can get a few more months out of them!!!


  1. I SO wish you would have done this about 30 or so weeks ago :)

  2. ha! tell me about it! i could have saved myself lots of tears during my pregnancies!!!