Friday, December 30, 2011

craft stick snowflakes

We took down our Christmas tree & decor this week - and the house seems so bare!!! The kiddos wanted to make a craft and I wanted something to fill the Christmas-is-over void!

We came up with Craft Stick Snowflakes!

Here's what you'll need:

-4 craft sticks per snowflake

-hot glue/hot glue gun



-baker's twine/string for hanging

Arrange your sticks into snowflakes and hot glue. Paint - this was the kiddos' job! I gave them white paint and a few drops of dark & light blue.
We laid them out to dry and added some glitter. What I had on hand was more shimmery than glittery, but it worked!
Once they were completely dry, I cut some baker's twine to hang them from.
Simple & easy! I think that we are all having snow withdrawls right now! Usually, by the end of December, we've had many 2"+ snowfalls and even a snow day or two. So far this winter, we had our first snowfall on the 27th. It really was only a mini snowfall and was completely melted away by lunch time!

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