Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sew Busy!!

I've been super busy lately!!
I had a Valentines Box Decorating Contest with my 6th graders on Monday! The kids brought in some amazing boxes!! The winner made his Valentines box look like the White House!! Here's mine....
The top {where you put in the Valentines} said "Thank you SEW much!!" Then there was a little trap door underneath to take out the Valentines! Love it!!
I've also been busy on a dress order....four tank dresses!! These are super cute and will look adorable on lil E!! Here's one...

Another project I will be very busy with has to do with this....
Satin Taffeta!!
My very best friend's mom is getting married in a couple months. The girls picked out their dresses and want me to make their sashes!! There is rouching around the middle and they tie in the back! I'm so excited to be making these for the bridesmaids!!

Soon I hope to post some pictures of these finished projects!! And to be fair, I should post of a picture of my neglected laundry pile...when I get busy, that's the first thing to not get done!!

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  1. Love the Valentine's box!! It sounds like a certain family is keeping you busy! ;) I can't wait to see how everything turns out =) (Thank you!!)