Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ruffle Love!!!

About a month ago, I bought a yard of black, pre-ruffled fabric and I've been waiting for the perfect project for it ever since! On Friday, I took the kiddos to the mall and I found a flutter-sleeved tee at Old Navy that seemed to be the perfect top to a ruffle dress!!! I also picked up a similar tank for lil miss, just in case I had enough left over! I will say, cutting ruffle fabric is not very easy, but it was so worth not having to ruffle the fabric myself!! I cut an a-line shape for the skirt part of my dress, making sure it was long enough for me to wear to school if I wanted. I sewed up the sides and attached the skirt to the shirt and voila!!

Now I just need a wedding or party to go to!! Lil miss's dress turned out very similar, a little more fancy than everyday wear, but cute just the same!!
I also finished a dress for a co-worker this weekend...
Super cute!

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